Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1, 2013 The creation of man and the garden of Eden

My Journey begins...In the beginning...Genesis chapters 1-3. God created the heavens and earth in the beginning. " God alone conceived, designed and ordered life - all of it, from man to the earth to the entire universe. Only His mind could conceive it; only His power could create it; and only His ability could achieve it."   Quote from "Order My Steps In Thy Word" VPW.
  I have learned that the earth is the reason for the universe and man is the reason for the earth and God is the reason for man. Man is the most wonderful of all God's creation and His Word says the greatest of His works is His Word. Life is a gift, it's a promise from God. So, on this first day of this new year lets live up to the promise and live life to its fullest being thankful to God for each new day.

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  1. I stood on my dock on the morning of New Year's first day, and thanked God for my blessings:my wonderful life, my family, my health and everything He gives me. I am so grateful. I asked for the courage to be who I Am in the world, and for the wisdom to think, speak and act with love, patience, kindness, tolerance and strength. I asked for guidance when I act, speak and think, that I may do them with and in His Love. I asked for that guidance and wisdom so that I can be an instrument of Love in His name. I asked for the strength to be available for whatever He calls me to do. Amen. Happy New Year, Kath.