Sunday, January 6, 2013

January 6, 2013 A Blessing for Isaac and Rebekah

Genesis Chapters 22 - 24
Isaac and Rebekah
These records in Gods Word are sterling examples
of men and women, husband and wives who loved God
 and loved each other.
 How thankful I am that I have a loving husband who loves God
and loves His Word and loves me.
 He is tenderhearted and kind, patient and forgiving...
he lifts me up when I am down,
 makes me laugh when I want to cry
and he is faithful each night to say...
 Goodnight Sweetheart and I in return say... Night you..  and I can then fall asleep in peace when he says... love you too.
And as God has promised the sun will come up each morning
 and another opportunity to acknowledge each other with...
Good Morning Sweetheart... Morning Honey and a day doesn't go by as we leave for work and you get to hear again...
love you sweetheart... love you honey...see ya tonight...
Try it... its make for a joyful day and keeps you thankful. 
Life is way to short to go to bed mad
 or even go to bed without acknowledging the love
 between the two people who are right there at each others side
 every night and at the beginning of each new day.   

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