Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Images recall memories..

Recall "Thoughts from the Heart" by exercise. Start with the year of birth. On a piece of paper list each year thereafter, one year per line, jot down next to each year the whereabouts in life's timeline. Picture events, achievements and accomplishments. Recall people, places and things. Good and bad will develop the ability to permit and facilitate thoughts, becoming a wondrous adventure. Retain Kodak moments, record, rewind and the priceless years and relive precious moments, Life is not meant to be lost, life is full of learning experiences and new challenges that a stroll down memory lane will help to ease on down the road. ~Kathy Ferrin~


  1. You are absoulutely right my darling.Never loose the memories,Old or new.
    I Love U Always Kathy

  2. Can't remember that far back girlfriend.
    ~East Coast Sunshine~