Monday, May 4, 2009


How do you say goodbye to the people and things that you love? One way that can lessen the hurt and lift ones spirits, are the loving "Thoughts from the Heart" of memories and thankfulness, for those loved ones and special things that contributed to who you are today. Memories are meant to to be remembered and thankfulness can cause one to be cognisant of that which we still have. People, places and things, all which can contribute to where we go from here. Loving "Thoughts from the Heart" heal the brokenhearted. Staying connected, Priceless..


  1. You can not ever say goodbye to the people you love.It is very very hard to say goodbye,It is really hard.That is one word that is very differcult to say.You will always remember the people you loose,they are always watching over you no matter where you are ,making sure you are safe.
    I will always remember the people I had lost in the past.

  2. This picture is forever OUR memory of life as it was everyday. If it meant going inside because it was too cold to see with the door continuted Unc just turned on the heat and continued on...from the Nashcan to the run down Woody to restoring the 31. Life was good...

  3. we watched the Bruins win the Stanley Cup from Bucky's garage. They could win it this year, Bucky??